Our Mission

To bring education and safety into the ICO investment sector. The ICO space can be a gateway to massive success and profitable returns, however it can also cause disastrous losses for inexperienced investors.

The unregulated market can be just as scary as trusting your money in an over the counter (OTC) penny stock. With many ICO’s popping up in the crypto space daily, we have decided to create a portfolio of trusted analytics and proprietary algorithms to help provide the best investment analysis amongst the many coin offerings that float the internet.

Note: All reviews posted on the Verified ICOs website are 100% unbiased. We do not offer a paid review service which will recommend or verify an ICO that does not meet our general criteria.

Source: ICOstats.com
Determining a Quality ICO

1. Team

Are all the team members real?
Do they have a history of success?
When were their social media profiles created?
Have any of the members previously been associated in the blockchain space?

2. Website

Is the website design up to modern day standards?
Is the website vulnerable to exploits? 
How old is the domain name?
Are the domain registration details authentic?

3. Company

Is the business registered in their municipality?
Can the location of the office be verified?

4. Project

Does the project utilize blockchain technology?
Does the whitepaper make sense?
Does the current valuation make sense?
Is the project unique?
Is the project feasible and worth raising funds?
Is there a demo/prototype?
How far along is the development?

Our Team

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