Earn NAT tokens for registering, listing, parking, buying & selling domains on the first decentralized domain marketplace.
September 14, 2017
Crowdsale Open
August 1, 2017
Crowdsale Close
September 30, 2017


Quality domains are a limited commodity. A successful domain marketplace can capture a large share of the profits.


Unable to verify work or business history for several team members.


Claims to have first application ready by Q2 2018 but there have been no mockups or preliminary designs released.


Nametoken is looking to revolutionize the domain industry by creating the first ever decentralized domain ecosystem. NAT tokens are earned for registering, listing, parking, buying & selling domains on a decentralized domain marketplace. The marketplace will allow users to strategically invest in profitable domains through crowdfunding. With over 20 years of experience in domain trading and development Nametoken is currently working on several solutions for the domain industry.

Analysis Flags
1. Ineffective whitepaper

Fails to describe business platform with sufficient detail. Uses enormous font sizes to accomplish higher page count.

2. Team member identities cannot be verified

Only 3 of 13 team members have valid LinkedIn profiles.


Nametoken struggles to create mass appeal, this is due to the lack of credible information provided by the business. The whitepaper fails to specify many details to which any investor should take account of. The given case study provides metrics on profitability and time and is based on a single website that the CEO happens to run. There is more information on the whitepaper with regards to the company's legal liability than there is about their business model. 

Their "secret weapon" algorithm to determine the best domains to invest in can be concocted by any rudimentary programmer. Without any proof of successful domain leads generated, such algorithm is useless. With no confidence in the team or product, we find it difficult to invest in this coin.