Faster Transactions. Smarter Contracts. Fully Customizable Blockchain.
October 26, 2017
Crowdsale Open
October 28, 2017
Crowdsale Close
November 30, 2017


Improving blockchain technology for generic multi-use applications can further crypto currency usage in everyday life.


The team has sufficient qualifications to manage a project of this scope.


Even though many technical aspects have been considered, the business model could fail to be profitable for short term ICO investors. The incredibly high cap and over funding is likely to create insufficent demand for the tokens from a short term perspective.


The Universa Platform is a new generation of blockchain technology. It uses a contract execution machine and distributed state ledger designed to improve on Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies by delivering improvements that are imperative for business adoption, with an emphasis on tokenization and contractual agreements.

Analysis Flags
1. Heavily paid marketing campaign

Marketing is essential for an ICO to succeed, however in this case it can attract too much attention and the project can easily become overvalued. This causes a huge spike after the exchange listing only to drop immediately after. This is something that could occur with the excessive promotion on this project.

2. Facebook likes inflation

Paid likes with low quality accounts were likely purchased to mimic popularity. The post likes ratio is well under 0.1%

3. Project raise expectation is incredibly high

Universa is expecting to raise 100 million which is 5 times more than Ethereum. They will unlikely be able to compete with Ethereum.


Universa isn't making leaps and bounds by describing the intricacies of their technology. It's true that blockchain technology is in it's infancy, but it's possibilities go beyond basic improvements in speed and architecture. Universa has a small target market, businesses in this day have little need to integrate this technology on a commercial scale.The token value could also diminish as Universa will fail to deliver profit in a timely manner as their time-line suggests an ambitious launch.

Outlandish claims in the road map suggest you to believe Universa will be profitable enough to start a bank for use with credit cards, such nonsense should not be considered when making a decision to invest in this ICO. References to specific speed improvements cannot be trusted as this technology has not been scaled with the private nodes and network usage noted in their suggested capabilities. Long term this project may be viable, but short term gains are definitely out of the question.