Viewly is a decentralized YouTube. Powered by blockchain technology and peer-to-peer video sharing.
September 18, 2017
Crowdsale Open
October 1, 2017
Crowdsale Close
October 30, 2017


Lately there has been a lot of complaints about YouTube and censorship issues. The in-steam advertising model is cluttered and annoying. Viewly attempts to fix this issue by connecting the content creator with their audience directly.


The founder @furion is known to be an ex Steem-It developer and has plenty of experience in the blockchain space. Overall the team is more than sufficent to handle this project. Vasja Zupan, the COO of Bitstamp is also involved with this project.


The alpha version of Viewly has already been released months ago and the core functions are running off the Steem blockchain.


Viewly is a social video platform without advertisements. Using modern monetisation models, it aims to provide sustainable revenue for all creators, not just mainstream content producers. It is completely decentralized, powered by the blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing technologies. Viewly is based on a proven patronage model and while the traditional advertising model works reasonably well for mainstream content that succeeds at capturing millions of impressions, unfortunately, it falls short for many entry level creators. These newer to mid sized creators represent the largest portion of the distribution. Our objective is to build a solution that allows those creators to reach financial independence and greater engagement with their audience.

Analysis Flags

No significant flags have been identified.


Upon first glance, this project seems to be a well put together application by a well backed team. Their whitepaper is a tad over 30 pages long and outlines everything clearly from the concept to the problem and Viewly's viable solution.

The VIEW tokens themselves are exchanged within a decentralized creative video platform known as “Viewly” which allows content creators to receive support directly from fans and no middle man.

Utilizing blockchain technology, Viewly helps to ensure frictionless micropayments between creator and viewer without the pesky red tape of contemporary advertisement models which have been proven to be annoying and inefficient.

Viewly however, bridges the large gap between quality content creators and their audience.

Looking at this from an investment perspective, if Viewly is able to capture even a small portion of YouTube's mid-sized content creators, we believe they will create the necessary demand to drive their proprietary crypto-currency up in value as the VIEW token supply will be hard capped, whereby all of the tokens are created at genesis. Provided the project ICO's at a reasonable price, the value of this token should rise as the project progresses, new features are created and the demand for the tokens increase over time. In conclusion, we are happy to support this project, primarily because there is a promising alpha version available, there is heavy opportunity for expansion and their team appears to be sufficient enough to handle the development.