Virtual Cash Back Token

The world’s first blockchain-secured rebate and coupon issuance and redemption infrastructure.
September 27, 2017
Crowdsale Open
July 20, 2017
Crowdsale Close
October 17, 2017


Blockchain integration will not provide much additional value to their applications as the company has suggested.


The team has a few key members that can see this project through.


Demostration material is abhorrent and no execution has been noted.


Applying blockchain technology to mobile coupon and rebate applications, and redemption processing infrastructure for global brands and retailers. The Virtual Cash Back (VCB) token will enable entirely new types of programs and products and address several problems with legacy coupon and rebate processing systems.

Analysis Flags
1. Low quality website

Poor web design. This shows a lack of initial investment from the team. If they are unable to make a decent site, they should hire someone to do so if the project is taken seriously.

2. Whitepaper is lacking information

It highlights current business ventures but fails to provide details about profit margins and in depth blockchain usage.


We can all agree that everybody loves coupons, who doesn't enjoy saving money? But using virtual currency as incentive for shopping is unnecessary, we are all familiar with the plethora of points cards available to us now and it's already a pain. There is so much competition in this market that even with proper execution, it would be exceedingly difficult for this business to see profit that an early investors pocket would appreciate. The real profit is sure to end up in the hands of the few team members that conjured up this idea from their previous work experience.