World Wi-Fi

Decentralized Free Wi-Fi Network Powered By Blockchain
March 29, 2018
Crowdsale Open
March 18, 2018
Crowdsale Close
April 18, 2018


Creating a free Wi-Fi network powered by advertising is a solid business plan.


The team appears to have the necessary expertise required to grow and build their business.


Current and future operations identified in the whitepaper are satisfactory.


World Wi-Fi is a global project built through the collective efforts of the community. The network will be based on privately owned routers (most of which are residential). Their owners may offer free Internet access and earn cryptocurrency through Internet advertising. In the end, everybody wins: the guest user no longer pays for access to the internet, the router owners generate revenue by sharing their resource, and advertisers reach their target audience.

Analysis Flags
1. Too much competition

Many competitors are already in the Wi-Fi hotspot business, mass adoption will likely be at snails pace.

2. Security risks

Creating a public access point could introduce vulnerabilities to a network. Safeguards are not well documented.


World Wi-Fi brings an insurmountable task to the table by attempting to enable free access to the internet for everyone in any inhabited area of the world. Although this plan for world domination will surely be stopped when satellite internet becomes ubiquitous and cheap, the trusted valuable marketing insight available to advertisers on the blockchain will surely be enticing. Finding users who will open their router and utilize their platform is one thing, creating usable software with ease of use is another.

It would appear that World Wi-Fi has all their processes in order but there is a systemic issue with the use of a token to power the business. Without an immediate option to convert to Fiat there will be much hesitation for advertisers and router owners. Early investors in this project may be rewarded if they seek to advertise on the World Wi-Fi platform, but holders will likely be in for a wild ride due to the amount of speculation brought forth from their marketing campaign. Be sure to take profit from your investment at the earliest opportunity.